Did You Know?

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  1. Is it possible to export the salaries via Excel?

Yes, you can export the data in a CSV format from the Salaries section for individual roles, and locations.

  1. When we purchase a plan, do we have access to the salary data for all positions immediately?

You will have immediate access to unblock a specific number of positions according to your purchased plan. They will be visible for a month, and then you’ll be able to unblock a number of desired positions again, depending on your plan tier. If you have purchased the premium plan, then you’ll have immediate access to all available positions customized to your needs on the TalentUp.io Salary Platform.

  1. What city is the benchmark for the Cost of Living? 

The Cost of Living index provides a relative comparison of living expenses in the city compared to New York City, which is used as the benchmark (100%). It covers various aspects of daily life, including groceries, meals, transportation, utilities, and housing costs. It helps assess the affordability of a city for residents and employees.

  1. What is the Offer/Demand ratio?

The ratio of job offers to job demand indicates the balance between job opportunities and the number of active professionals in the city. It gives insights into the competitiveness of the job market and the availability of skilled talent.