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On the TalentUp.io website, apart from our product services, we have two more useful resources: our blog and community.


The TalentUp.io Blog is your go-to source for insightful weekly articles on salaries, market trends, talent trends, and much more. 

The TalentUp.io Community is a resource where you can engage freely in any discussion about multiple insights topics. Every week the TalentUp.io team publishes insights with visuals about current economic topics.

When are the articles published on the blog?

There are different types of articles we publish weekly on our Blog. 

What are the articles about?

They can be divided into 8 categories: Average Salaries, Benefits, Bonus, Candidates, Compensation, Interview, Talent Market, and Taxes and Payrolls.

Can I change the language?

The TalentUp.io Blog is only available in English for now.