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At TalentUp.io, we provide two kind of services:

    • Salary Platform
    • Reports



Salary Platform

Choose your desired role & location among +500 roles and +170 locations. Investigate data for over ten departments and obtain specific and detailed salaries for specific profiles.

Talent Market Report

Customized reports that filter the data by a specific group of companies: from industry sectors to main competitors. Reports fit perfectly the client’s needs providing specific data in any combination of variables possible. You can request studies of chosen job families for locations (country-wise or by cities).

Salary Benchmarking Report

They give greater emphasis on salaries: showing average in regular and scaleup companies and relating wages to offer and demand ratios. Salaries by experience are studied for each position individually, showing different percentiles.

See the newly published European Salary Benchmarking Report here

What are the differences between the plans?

See the plans’ differences here.

How much does each plan cost?

The prices of TalentUp’s Salary Platform vary depending on the number of roles you can unlock and the data provided. We offer three monthly and annual pricing plans, with discounts available for those who choose an annual plan. See the pricing table here.