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In this other section, you will be able to compare more than 2 positions at once in multiple locations for an easier and simpler comparison. You will also get those positions’ salary benchmarks. To check whether, in those cities, the salaries are high or low. Plus a cost of living comparison of your selected cities.

  1. Percentiles’ meaning

Salary percentiles show where a salary range usually starts and ends, the lowest and highest ever found depending on the employee’s experience, studies and skills. Meaning that if the salary you are looking for lies in the 25th percentile, it is interpreted as below the average market salary. 50th percentile is for market average salaries, 75th for above average salaries, 90th for already top competitive salaries in the market, and 99th would refer to among the best salaries on the market.

  1. Can I download multiple salary data at the same time?

Yes, in the “compare salaries” section, you will find a button to download all your selected data.