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This guide covers changing your plan and how often & when you are billed for service (monthly or annually).

  • This guide is intended for users who already have a Salary Platform subscription. 
  • For our current pricing, visit our Pricing page.
  • To find when your subscription renews, visit your profile here.

When you downgrade or upgrade your plan, you’ll lose or gain access to specific features. Review your plan’s features before changing plans. To learn more on the timing of when you’ll lose or get access, review the upgrading and downgrading sections below, as well as your plan renewal status.

    What if I upgrade?

    You can upgrade at any time without being billed twice and you will be able to use your newly purchased plan immediately. Additionally, you will be charged the difference between your prior plan price and your newly purchased plan price. The billing date and cycle will not change.

    1. Example

    In this particular example, we make the assumption that the following prices are applicable:

    • Plan A: 10€ / month
    • Plan B: 20€ / month

    Peter and his team purchased Plan A on March 2nd, 2023. However, on June 17th, 2023, Peter and the Human Resources department decide that they need more positions for their growing company. Hence, they upgrade to Plan B that same day due to having a greater number of positions available.

    This means:

    • The billing cycle (renewal date) changes and, now, Peter and his team will be charged on the 17th of every month.
    • From the 2nd of June (last payment for Plan A) until the 2nd of July (new renewal), they will be charged prorated amounts for the time spent on each plan. Assuming they used Plan A from the 2nd of June until the 16th, and Plan B from the 17th until the 1st of July.

    So, for the Plan B upgrade, Peter & the Human Resources team will be charged the following:

    • Since the change occurred halfway through the billing period, Peter will be deducted 5€ for unused time on the initial price (10€), and will be added 10€ for the remaining time on the new price (20€). As a whole, the customer will be billed 5 additional euros on June 17th, so the total amount that Peter & his team will pay for the billing cycle of June is 15€.

    What if I downgrade?

    There is no option to downgrade a plan.

    Review your renewal status

    Keep in mind that your plan is going to renew each month automatically, and thus, you will get billed every month automatically unless you select otherwise.