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Billing Settings

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Can I change my payment method? How?

Of course! In your profile, under credit card information, you will be able to edit your information.

Do you offer annual billing?

Yes! And there are three monthly pricing plans as well. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the annual pricing plan. Those who choose an annual plan will get a discount!

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers. Please communicate with our sales team if you need to use a different payment method.

How much does it cost to unsubscribe?

We do not have any cancellation fees or penalties, and you will have access to the platform until the end of your current billing period.

If I search for one role in a few countries (e.g., frontend developer all over Europe), does it count for one search to be billed?

Let’s imagine that you search for the frontend developer role in 5 countries (UK, Spain, France, Ukraine and Portugal). This will count as 5 searches.

If I search for one role in one country only (e.g., frontend developer in the Netherlands), does it count for one search to be billed?

Correct, one position in one specific country = one search to be billed.

We want the salary of a junior and a senior software developer; will it count as two searches to be billed?

No, the seniority level (junior, mid, senior, etc.) is included in the same role. So you’ve only got to unlock one position (i.e., software developer) and you’ll get all the seniority levels available.

If I upgrade my plan, do I get billed twice in the same month?

No! You will be charged the difference between your prior plan price and your newly purchased plan price. The billing date will not change.

Can I change my plan before the end of the billing cycle?

Yes, at any time. And as mentioned before, you will not be billed twice.

If I unsubscribe, until when will I have access to my Salary Platform plan?

You will have access to the searches and features included in your Salary Platform plan until the last day of your billing cycle.

Let’s say your billing cycle ends on the 12th of each month, and you unsubscribe on the 2nd of that month. You will have 10 more days to use the TalentUp Salary Platform.

How does TalentUp protect my billing data?

We take the security of our customers’ payment information very seriously. We use encryption and security protocols that are standard in the business world to keep your payment information safe and secret.