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The Belarusian labour market

Each labour market has some peculiarities. It may be tricky for foreigners to fully understand the payment methods, the taxes and other benefits related to them. In TalentUp, we are starting a series of different blog articles, one for each country. This article analyses the Belarusian labour market.

Even if the national currency is the Belarusian Ruble (BYN), the whole article is in EUR to compare easily across countries and exchange rates.

General data about the Belarusian labour market

Belarusian minimum wage and maximum working hours disclosure. Data for January 2024. Source: https://www.papayaglobal.com/countrypedia/country/belarus/

Payroll taxes in Belarus

Social security contributions are made by the employer and the employee and are used for funding unemployment, pension, maternity/paternity leave, and sickness or injury.

Share of contingencies applied to the gross salary. Data source:

Once contributions are paid, employees need to pay a flat income tax of 13%.

Contingencies from self-employees

The tax rate is 4% (when rendering services/performing works to individuals); 6% (when rendering services/performing works to legal entities or individual entrepreneurs).

Example of net salary in Belarus

As a reference, we use the average salary of a software engineer. On average, software engineers earn €24,100 per year.

From gross to net salary of a software engineer in Belarus.

The employer contributes 8,194€ to social security and the employee 2,410€.

After paying the income tax, the employee has a net salary of 18.870.3€ coming from a gross salary of 24,100€. 

Unemployment regulation in Belarus

In Belarus, the notice period for leaving an organization is at least one month. However, the collective agreement or contract determines the precise duration, which may vary depending on the nature of the employment, the employee’s status, and the sector.

If termination occurs during the probationary period, a minimum notice period of three days is required.

Severance payments are outlined in the employment contract, but typically, employers are obligated to pay at least two weeks’ worth of average salary.

Employers have the authority to establish a probationary period of up to three months.

Different kinds of leaves in Belarus

Once they have been employed for at least six months, employees are entitled to a minimum of 24 paid vacation days.

Vacations may be split in two, and one of the parts should be at least 14 days long 

Public holidays that fall on a weekend are lost.

Sick leave is paid at 80% of the regular salary rate for the first 12 days and at 70% for the following 30 days. The Social Security System is responsible for covering everything.

In Belarus, employees have the right to receive their full average earnings during Family Care Leave. Employees who need to care for a sick child under the age of 14 or a disabled child under the age of 18 may take this leave.

Additionally, employees are entitled to a maximum of two days of paid leave when a close family member passes away or when a family member is facing a life-threatening illness or injury.

Paid maternity leave lasts for 126 days (or 140 if there are any medical complications or multiple births). Unpaid maternity leave lasts for three years.

Maternity leave lasts for 14 days within the first six months after the birth, and it does not need to be paid.

Other common Belarusian benefits

Top 5 benefits offered by Belarusian companies. Datasource: TalentUp’s database.

How to employ a Belarusian worker

Different countries have been named “unfriendly” by the Belarusian government. These are the EU countries, the UK, the US, and Australia, among others.

Companies from unfriendly countries cannot do business in Belarus, which means they cannot employ any workers in this country.