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Analyze Competitors

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In this area, you can look for any company of your choice and get a general overview of that firm. 

For instance, let’s analyze Microsoft! You will find the following features:

Basic Company Data

  • Sector, company size, founded date, city, country, CEO data, and logo.


  • All positions in all locations where Microsoft operates and for different seniority levels. In Microsoft case, you will find 419 entries.

*Attention!! Salaries will appear in the local currency of each position’s location.

Will I get the annual gross salary?

It depends! Next to the gross salary number, you will be informed whether it is annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly.

Employees (%) in each department & last job offers published

  • Percentages of employees in every department of Microsoft: operations (27.85%), marketing (3.04%), sales (18.88%), engineering & technical (8.55%), information technology (24.99%).
  • Job offers from Microsoft with whatever experience in any location.

Map overview of Offers and Professionals

  • Interactive map to consult where Microsoft labor force works and where they are hiring.